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Udaipur is a word which signifies glory and beauty, literary means “rise”. Udaipur stands in the lap of Aravali hills in true manifestation and realization of its name, as “pur” stands “land” in hindi. We at Udaigarh, Udaipur venture to provide you with a micro-cosm of the macro- cosm popularly known as “Regal Rajasthan”. Hotel Udaigarh is a product of the enterprising efforts of restoring a 150 years old Haveli. Amongst the main attraction of hotel, which makes it an epitome of modernity clad in the architectural beauty of former India. The hotel has a unique roof-top swimming pool with an exotic view of the gorgeous Pichola Lake, old city and the surrounding Aravalli ranges. Our rooms are uniquely designed with a blend of traditional Rajasthani feel and a touch of modern luxury. So get ready for jaw dropping view from the terrace and indulgent luxuries of your home away from home.

About Udaigarh

Hotel Udaigarh is a product of the enterprising efforts of restoring a150 years old Haveli situated in the heart of the most romantic city nestled in the fertile valley on the eastern banks of the famous Lake Pichola. It has been restored keeping in mind...Read More


Roof-top Poolside Restaurant at Udaigarh is truly a magnificent experience with Exotic panoramic views of the Pichola Lake, Jag Niwas, the ghats and the gorgeous Aravalli Ranges. At Udaigarh the food is simple, tasty home cooking a blend of Rajasthani...Read More


Udaigarh offers 19 elegantly-designed and comfortable guest-rooms, to make every guest feel special and well looked-after. All Heritage rooms have ensuite bathrooms (with shower), are air-conditions. Each room is distinctively designed...Read More